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Are you experiencing aging skin? Are you looking for a Macon wrinkle treatment? Then look no further – Skin Care Physicians of Georgia is the dermatologist for those in Macon, Georgia, and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide expert individualized service to every patient with skill and compassion. Our board-certified physicians and professional staff are highly trained and strive to deliver ethical, comprehensive care to all patients and to care for them just like family. Our office treats a wide variety of skin conditions, from eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea to removing warts, moles, and other lesions. We are a full-service dermatology office, so you can feel confident in the skin you’re in!

The Best Macon Wrinkle Treatment: Our Options for You

Unfortunately, we have not discovered the Fountain of Youth, but we have found several treatment options to make the aging process slow down on your skin’s appearance. Patients begin to see subtle changes in their skin’s appearance in their late 20-30s, depending on one’s outdoor exposure. Early signs of aging usually revolve around changing skin tones and texture, and then patients will begin to see wrinkles, sun spots, and volume loss in the face with sagging skin. Here is how we can help combat the process of aging:

Volume Loss and Wrinkles

One of our services includes using injectables to address volume loss across the cheeks, temples, and around the eyes and mouth. With Skin Care Physicians of Georgia, you can be assured that our Macon wrinkle treatments are performed by physicians with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and decades of experience. This ensures that you will be in good hands safety-wise and receive a fresh, natural look. Our products use properly placed fillers and neurotoxins to address wrinkles and volume loss and include the following options:


Sagging Skin

Unfortunately, as we age, our facial tissues begin to shrink, including subcutaneous fat and skin. Due to this, our skin begins to droop and we have the appearance of excess, “saggy” skin. We have lost the vital structure and volume needed to maintain that youthful appearance, so what Macon wrinkle treatments can help alleviate this issue?At Skin Care Physicians of Georgia, we are proud to offer the Y-Lift. This procedure uses state-of-the-art dermatology research and practice to restore the contours of your face without having a surgical facelift. This will address the aging appearance of your neck, jowls, cheeks, and under-eye area. The results are instantaneous without the hassle of incisions, scars, or downtime.

We Offer Consultations

Our highly-trained team would love the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss your dermatology needs. We offer consultations for our Macon wrinkle treatment options. Visit our website to schedule your appointment, as well as learn more about our awesome physicians who are ready to help you feel confident in your skin again!

*All consults are subject to a fee.