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What is Excessive Sweating?

Excess sweating (termed hyperhidrosis) is a common problem that is not only potentially embarrassing (visible rings saturating clothing under one’s arms), but can be problematic when it involves the palms and soles. Some people literally drip sweat from their hands and others may slide out of their shoes.
Fortunately, Skin Care Physicians of Georgia can help and the treatment options depend on which part of the body has excessive sweating.


What Treatments are Available?

  • Botox Injections
    Botox has been approved to treat excessive sweating for the armpits. Tiny needle injections place Botox just under the skin and within a few days, the sweating disappears! The effects last generally between three and six months.
  • RadiofrequencyProfound and Genius RF Microneedling.
    Is a procedure that is well tolerated that produces a permanent reduction of sweating. It is minimally invasive takes about 60-90 minutes. It takes one to two sessions to see a significant reduction in underarm sweating.
Palms and Soles

Unfortunately, injecting Botox into the palms for palmar hyperhidrosis is not only painful but may result in temporary weakness of muscles for grip strength. Therefore, we recommend non-painful options that do not reduce grip strength.

  • Iontophoresis
    Iontophoresis can be used to help minimize excessive sweating by adding a small electrical current to a basin of water where you will place your hands or feet. There is no pain involved in the treatment, though you may feel a slight tingling sensation. Patients normally begin with several treatments per week until sweating has decreased to the desire level. Then patients continue regular treatment on a less frequent basis to keep sweating at bay. Once we are able to confirm it’s effectiveness, we help patients secure their own device and they continue their treatments at home.

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