Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal at Skin Care Physicians of Georgia

It’s no secret that unwanted hair affects both men and women. Common solutions have typically included shaving, tweezing, or waxing, but these options aren’t always effective or long-lasting and can cause irritating skin burns, bumps, or nicks.

Do you shudder to think how many hours of your life you’ve spent painfully and laboriously shaving, tweezing, waxing and trimming unwanted facial and body hair? What if we told you there was a pain-free, long-lasting hair removal system that will allow you to ditch the tweezers and razors? With laser hair removal (LHR) at Skin Care Physicians of Georgia’s cutting-edge laser technology offers a comfortable approach to removing unwanted hair. This removes the embarrassment of unwanted hair on nearly any part of your face or body.

Laser hair removal can safely and permanently remove hair from the:

  • Face and Neck
  • Bikini Line or Full Brazilian
  • Arms and Legs
  • Chest, Back and Shoulders
  • Underarms


  • Laser Hair Removal (LHR) Treatments are quick and convenient.
  • We use the Vectus 810 Diode laser which can target a patient’s unwanted hair regardless of the amount of pigment in their skin.
  • During your consult, your aesthetician will discuss with you the specifics of the process and how many treatments will be necessary to meet your goals.
  • Our LHR sessions require no downtime or recovery period.

During laser hair removal, a laser targets specific regions of the hair that contain pigment. These are found at the hair’s base and the stem cell rich bulge of the follicles during cycles of active hair growth. These pigments absorb the laser’s energy, inhibiting follicle growth and resulting in the removal of unwanted hair.

What to Expect

For a couple of days following treatment, treated areas may look and feel slightly sunburned. Cold compresses and gentle moisturizers will ease any discomfort and help the skin to heal. Over the next month, treated hairs will fall out. Usually, multiple sessions are required for maximum hair reduction in the treated areas. Some patients desire seasonal treatments during summer months and may require fewer treatments.

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