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Hair Growth

Hair Growth at Skin Care Physicians of Georgia  

There are promising innovative treatments that address and even reverse hair loss and thinning for men and women. Obviously, the extent of a patient’s hair loss helps determine which options are likely to help patients with increased hair growth.

Hair Loss

The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Alopecia may be further classified into two main groups: Non-scarring and scarring. We are able to primarily help those patients regrow their hair if they have non-scarring hair loss. While there are many different causes of hair loss for men and women, the type of hair loss we are able to help most often is that which is due to hormonal influences. This type of hair loss is termed androgenic alopecia. This type of hair loss occurs with advancing age.

Androgenic hair loss patterns for men and women are very different in their appearance. Men tend to have thinning over the tops of their head and temples in different patterns ranging from mild to severe. Women more often have diffuse thinning of their scalp while maintaining the frontal hairline. Women may initially note their hair part is more noticeable. By the time this has occurred a patient may have lost considerable amounts of scalp hair.

We are able to use a patient’s own “growth factors” for hair growth present in their blood. Specifically, a blood component termed platelets produce specific “growth factors” that switch on hair growth. Our physicians are able to safely and simply place a patient’s own serum containing a concentrated amount of platelets into their scalp and increase their hair growth. This procedure is widely accepted and evidence of it’s success has been published in studies in respected medical journals . Research shows that a simple office procedure performed at Skin Care Physicians of Georgia can increase the platelet concentration for placement anywhere from 300-700%. Prior to placement. Truly amazing!!

What Patients Can Expect

This office procedure involves a series of three (3) injections given one month apart into the areas of scalp where we want to increase hair growth. The process is straight forward and occurs as follows:

First, after screening the patient to confirm they are a candidate, a simple blood draw in the office is performed.

Second, the blood is centrifuged or “spun down” to separate and concentrate the platelets in a patient’s serum.

Finally, the serum containing the concentrated number of platelets is gently injected into the scalp with microneedles and is well tolerated. On average, we are able to place between five and ten cc’s.  Recovery is quick and as with any procedure one can have slight swelling and mild tenderness at the treatment sites. Patients may otherwise return to their normal daily activities. It is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours. We encourage patients to be well hydrated prior to treatment as this definitely improves the amount we can place each session.

Results for Hair Growth

Typically, patients begin to see results in a few weeks however noticeable growth generally takes a few months.

It is most gratifying when patients return to the office and show us their new growth!

While a patient’s age may be a factor, we have helped patients in their 80’s grow more hair.

To help maintain a patient’s results, we recommend follow up treatments four times over a 12-month period.

This treatment option is recommended for healthy individuals. Patients with certain chronic medical conditions and those receiving active cancer treatments may not be suited for this treatment option.

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