Chest Rejuvenation

Chest wrinkles commonly develop due to the effects of time, gravity, and sun exposure, which makes preventing chest wrinkles particularly challenging.

As we get older, the skin on our upper chest wall begins to show signs of aging. These changes begin to show as the delicate upper chest skin begins to weather in appearance with wrinkling looking somewhat bumpy combined with discoloration. 

The discoloration which consists of unwanted darker tones and red areas can often extend up onto the neck area. The chest area (décolletage) is also exposed to the sun more often than other areas, which can increase the risk of developing wrinkles and loose, sagging skin. This can progress to even having the appearance of vertical lines.

So, to remedy this problem requires focusing on the changes present and this varies from patient to patient. Let’s look at each problem separately and the solution.

Before and After

  • Before-skin Ipl
    After-skin Ipl
    Before skin Ipl After

Let’s look at each problem separately and the solution.

Solution: IPL treatments: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) consists of specific ranges of light wavelengths that selectively target these unwanted shades of brown and red and is the most successful solution for this unwanted discoloration. Treatments are given monthly and the results can be dramatic (photo).

Solution: RF Microneedling with Genius plus PRP. By using radiofrequency (RF) energy delivered directly into the sun-damaged skin we can improve the appearance substantially. The treatments are performed right here in our aesthetic suites. After a numbing cream is placed on the skin and the skin is numb, RF energy is delivered though tiny needles (the width of a human hair) inserted into targeted depths in the skin that deliver energy. This targets and heats the collagen and elastin fibers to produce more collagen and elastin. Once completed we apply PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) which is your own body’s serum with a concentration of platelets which are powerhouses for growth factors that stimulate even more collagen and elastin. The result is a noticeably improved appearance with a smoother, more attractive appearance.

Solution: RF Microneedling with The Profound. The profound is a minimally invasive RF device that also delivers RF energy to the skin’s dermis stimulating new collagen and elastin to grow and improve the appearance. It is slightly different in that after local anesthetic is placed painlessly in the skin via a technique that Dr. Kent has developed, the Profound’s microneedling RF energy is placed. Like the above, PRP is applied on the skin’s surface following the Profound RF treatment to assist in healing and add even more improvement. It is a single treatment and over several months the appearance gets better and better. This is typically used for more advanced cases. Your expert team of board-certified dermatologists and experienced aestheticians will help you select which option is best suited for you

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