Slim Lipo Sculpting Laser


Why SlimLipo Laser Body Sculpting?

Thighs that refuse to be smooth. Arms that defy more than define. A belly few bathing suits flatter. No matter what sort of shape we're in, every one of us has a trouble spot or two that weighs on our mind and our body. It's these stubborn areas that are the perfect candidates for SlimLipo.

Using revolutionary laser body sculpting technology, SlimLipo is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that gently "melts" and removes unwanted fat cells in as little as an hour. As a result of the laser fat melting, your skin can be toner and firmer. And because of our precision laser technology, few surrounding tissues are affected — meaning you'll experience little discomfort and minimal downtime.

Your results will go beyond your impressive new look. Expect an extra swagger in your step. A boost of self-confidence. Newfound sex appeal. It's time to put the bra bulge and muffin top on notice. You're as little as an hour away from a whole new you.

SlimLipo may be the right body sculpting choice for you if you are looking for:

  • A minimally-invasive treatment to remove excess fat build-up in a particular area of the body.
  • A fat removal treatment that requires limited downtime.
  • Permanent removal of the treated fat cells from specific areas of your body.

What Can SlimLipo Body Sculpting Do For Me?

Laser body sculpting is the 21st century solution for contouring your physique and quickly achieving the body you want. SlimLipo treats your problem areas gently but firmly — removing fat and reducing irregular contouring. This highly-targeted laser lipolysis system is also ideal for smaller, hard-to-address areas like the chin, back or ankles.

The SlimLipo laser lipo procedure can remove excess fat and effectively sculpt most anywhere on your body — from your cheeks all the way down to the bottom of your calves — to create a more flattering figure.

Which Parts of My Body Can be Treated?

  • Abdomen: Whether you’re trying to regain your pre-maternity curves or your abs are frustratingly resistant to crunches, a flatter stomach is now within reach. With minimal downtime and discomfort, SlimLipo can “melt” fat as well as firm and tighten your upper and lower abdomen to make them ready for the beach.
  • Back: Many women turn to SlimLipo when they’re losing the battle of the bra bulge. Excess fat on your upper back can ruin the line of your clothes and make your bra feel uncomfortable. This area is very difficult to target with diet, but SlimLipo can remove bulges to help you say bye-bye to back fat.
  • Buttocks: More often than not, it's family genes that are keeping you out of those designer jeans. SlimLipo can slenderize, sculpt, and tone your butt in ways no treadmill can. Get ready to look as good walking out the door as you do walking in.
  • Chin & Neck: A gentle droop under your chin may come naturally with age, but that doesn’t mean you have to wave the white flag. SlimLipo body contouring can eliminate extra fatty tissue around the chin and neck with impressive results, and often with only a local anesthesia, in as little as an hour.
  • Love Handles: Let's face it. There isn't much to love about the stubborn fat that clings to the side of your abs and just won't let go. You've probably found it takes a mix of cardio, weight training and sit-ups to even begin to see results in this area. If you've had enough, SlimLipo laser body sculpting may be the answer for you.
  • Male Chest: For men, laser body sculpting can eliminate the pockets of fatty tissue (also known as gynecomastia) that have you self-consciously reaching for baggy clothes and keeping your shirt on when you hit the beach. SlimLipo removes excess chest fat to sculpt a leaner and meaner upper torso.
  • Thighs: Who among us doesn't battle with their thighs? But no matter how many lunges you log, some fat just won't budge. SlimLipo slims those resistant trouble spots on your thighs by melting and removing the fat, giving you a leaner silhouette. Hello, skinny jeans.
  • Upper Arms: Triceps are one tough target. Women especially suffer from hard-to-tone upper arms and often hide out under long sleeves. Now, SlimLipo can treat this problem spot with fantastic results. And you thought your tank top days were over.

How SlimLipo Body Contouring Works:

Laser liposuction with SlimLipo effectively treats areas of the body where there is unwanted fat, such as the abdomen, arms, flanks, thighs, neck, bra fat and chest.

Selective photothermolysis frees the lipids contained in the adipose tissue for easy aspiration.  The result is less tissue trauma, significant fat removal and controlled tissue heating through laser-assisted lipolysis. Other benefits include:

  • Body sculpting through laser-assisted lipolysis.
  • Faster healing - Smaller incisions and wavelength selectivity mean less bruising, pain, blood loss and swelling.
  • Smoother skin with less contour deformities.
  • Less downtime - Many can resume normal activities within days.

The SlimLipo Body Sculpting Laser is cleared by the United State of America Food and Drug Administration for laser-assisted lipolysis and coagulation of soft tissue.

The state-of-the-art SlimLipo laser lipolysis system delivers a unique fat "melting" laser wavelength that gently liquefies fat for easier removal from the body through a medical suction device. SlimLipo Laser liposuction doesn't just remove unwanted fat. SlimLipo can also reduce sagging through the retraction of tissue and create a smoothly contoured surface.

The SlimLipo procedure uses an advanced laser body sculpting system called SlimLipo™, which features fat "melting" laser wavelengths that gently liquefy fat. The liquefied fat is then permanently removed from the body, using a medical suction device, through a few tiny incisions.

The SlimLipo laser heats the tissue which may result in tissue retraction, resulting in a smoothly contoured surface. In some cases, the SlimLipo laser body sculpting procedure can be completed in as little as an hour.

Because SlimLipo is gentle on the body, we usually use only a local anesthesia, allowing you to stay awake and quickly resume your normal daily activities. Generally, recovery time is very quick. Most patients experience little to no soreness and many even go to work the next day. A compression garment usually is worn on the treated area for a few days.

Common Questions

Is This For Men, Too?
Yes! SlimLipo can be used to eliminate stubborn, fatty areas for men too.

How Fast is the SlimLipo Procedure?
Depending on the area being treated, this body sculpting treatment may take as little as an hour. Large trouble spots may take more time.

What Does the Process Feel Like?
You may be pleasantly surprised by how little discomfort you’ll feel. Patients often say they feel slight warmth in the area.

How Long is the Recovery?
Typically, the recovery time is a fraction of that of traditional liposuction. Most patients resume activity immediately following the procedure, and may go back to work the very next day. You may see slight bruising at the small incision sites, which may take up to a few weeks to completely resolve. Compression garments may also be required for a short period of time.

Can I Use SlimLipo Laser Body Sculpting If I’ve Already Had Liposuction?
Since traditional liposuction can often result in skin irregularities, these patients are often good candidates for SlimLipo. Laser body sculpting can gently “melt” remaining unwanted fat, smooth out dents and dimples, and further tighten skin.


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